Friday, December 30, 2016

Coop moving! Part one

So, we've accepted an offer on our current house, and we're moving to a different one (we were renting it out for about a year, and we decided to move there. It has three bathrooms; we feel very middle class now).

Moving is a pain no matter what. But when you've just spent months finishing a lovely, giant chicken coop, it's an even bigger pain. In case you forgot, here's the coop:

We can't leave that behind; we don't have time or energy to build a new one right now. So instead, we'll find time and energy and friends to help us move it!

Step one: move the house part. It's built to detach from the screened-in run, so all you have to do is find 6 or so people to lift it up and carry it. Super easy. 
 It's times like these that you find out who your true friends are. I owe all of you some serious social capital! There are no pictures of the actual lifting, because there were zero free hands.
 And then we got clever with ratchet straps to move the coop forward on the flatbed. Next time we'll use some kind of rollers. If these people are still our friends and agree to help us next time. Or maybe next time we'll have to hire professionals. Or just build a new coop.....
 And then comes the best part of the whole venture: driving through the streets of North Minneapolis like the Clampetts! Not sure if this was P's favorite part, but I was loving it!
We dropped (rather literally, I was a little ambitious in saying I had it when I definitely didn't have it) the coop in the new back yard. Next step is to move the run, but that will wait for another day. And probably some new friends....