Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Expanding the empire!

The homestead has expanded to include two houses! The other house is about a mile from our original homestead, and I've had it since November but have only recently been able to tackle a lot of the deferred maintenance on it.

The guy who had it before me seemed to have given up on it after it didn't turn out to be the gold mine he expected it to be during the real estate boom (and subsequent crash) in the early 2000s. So, I got it for a song. With a falling-down garage. And a threadbare roof. And cracked front steps. And a thousand tiny things that should have been taken care of bit by bit over the past decade. But did I mention, it was a killer deal?

And just think of all the skills I get to acquire! I have been present for countless home repairs (thanks, Pa!). But seeing someone else do it while I hand over nails one by one or hold things in place--that's entirely different from having to do it myself. I know that Laura Ingalls Wilder would not shy away from a challenge, and neither will this Half Pint!

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