Wednesday, November 18, 2015


If you're a regular reader of my blog (hi, grandma!), you could be forgiven for getting the impression that I'm the only one working on these houses. Which is definitely not the case. I just do the more glamorous, photogenic work. Perry gets to do most of the dangerous/heavy/horrible jobs.

Be still, my beating heart!
Jobs like reattaching the shingles to this garage roof. See where he's standing? Yeah, we later discovered that none of those shingles were actually attached to the roof. And he could have slid off the roof on to the alley pavement as if he were surfing.
Dramatic lighting!
And he gets to do horrible jobs like installing doors in a house that has absolutely no right angles, level walls, or parallel lines. This house is out of square in every possible dimension; we have yet to find a level surface. And if it were me, I'd just settle for doors that mostly closed (what more do you want? It's got a knob and it swings!), but Perry will spend eight hours getting it right.

Not a plumbing picture. But he's near a lot of plumbing.
And he gets to do all the horrible plumbing. I do the fun stuff, like putting in new faucets where everything works perfectly. He gets to take out anything that's corroded or rusted in place (because I am a delicate lady with spaghetti arms), and figure out what to do when the connections aren't sealing.

But it's totally worth it. Because sometimes I let him use my new saw.

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  1. Nice. Having a willing partner makes all the difference when you're involved in big projects.