Wednesday, December 2, 2015


No one ever accused an Iverson of trying to keep up appearances. We don't have time for that. And even though I've added another last name, I have even less time for trying to be cool. There are houses to fix!

My Buick has amazing hauling capacity. It has a little trap door between the trunk and the back seat, so I can haul long boards when I need to. But sometimes I accidentally buy a chop saw that takes up the whole back seat, and then I have to get creative. This girl needs a roof rack.

Not visible: my classy husband in the passenger seat

Also, I pretty much wear the exact same outfit every day that I'm working. It got so bad that the guy at North End Hardware asked if I had other clothes. I think they were about to run a clothing drive for this poor disadvantaged lady.

That time I glued myself in to the bathroom

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