Thursday, March 3, 2016


Time to expand the homestead!

The fish are fun enough, I guess, but they're lacking in charisma and charm. So, we've decided to add some new livestock to the tiny farm.

Baby chicks! We decided to stop being those people who always talk about how much they want to keep laying hens, and to start being those people who actually keep them!

We got them from Egg Plant in St. Paul, the only place I could find to buy a half dozen baby chicks. We got one each of 6 different breeds (Ameraucana, Barred Rock, Black Austrolorp, Buff Orpington, California White, and Gold Star, if you pay attention to those things), and I'm crossing my fingers that none of them will turn out to be a rooster because then we'll have some hard choices to make.

Right now, they're living in a bin in the living room (so it's easy to look at them)!


Next step: chicken coop! They'll live inside for a month or so, then they'll need to move outside to a coop. Which we haven't started yet. Except in our minds--we've definitely started thinking and dreaming about how cute it will be!

If anyone has some coop building materials lying around, I wouldn't say no! ;)


  1. Can't wait to meet them! Do they have names?

    1. No names yet; I think we'll wait until they're a little bigger and we get to know their personalities! But if you have suggestions when you visit, I'd love to hear them :)

  2. Awesome! We raised our first chickens three years ago. It is a lot of fun and the eggs are delicious! Plus, you and Perry will be known by all of your friend's kids as the chicken people!

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