Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What came first?

Holy smokes!!!!

We've got our first egg! (Ignore the messy shelf, please.) Miss Berry was looking for a quiet, safe spot to lay her first egg. She didn't find it in the tool zone.
Too much sawdust, too many sharp objects. Nope. The best spot for a chicken to find a little privacy is apparently the ledge in the back entryway.
It's like a Where's Waldo puzzle; a hen can feel safe going about her business, knowing no predators will disturb her in the midst of all the plastic bags and egg cartons!
Notice the "cage free" egg carton? There's absolutely no doubt that this egg was from a free range chicken. Well, free ranging in the basement at least.

And why are there chickens laying eggs inside my little house on the Northside? The coop is almost done! We're just making it absolutely predator proof.

Don't mind me, just securing the inside of the coop basement so the girls don't get taken by a stray dog or wild raccoon. We're so close!


  1. That's one awesome chicken coop you got there, Half Pint! 💕