Monday, October 17, 2016

School lunch!

Time for a tiny break from house and chicken posts; this is another topic that is very near to my heart. And to my stomach. I grew up in an era of beige school lunches. Lots of breaded chicken nugget-type things, instant mashed potatoes, and things on buns. Then I got to high school, where we had the option of a shake and fries, or my absolute favorite: the tiny round pizza.

So imagine my surprise and delight when my employer rolled out their new school lunch program and this is what I saw:
Grilled cheese and tomato soup, with a fresh green salad (with edamame and kale!) and fresh mango (!!).
Carnitas bowl with chipotle yogurt sauce and fresh poco de gallo. And a locally made Popsicle!
Wild rice and cranberry meatloaf, salad, and fresh kiwi and orange slices!

Enchiladas with black beans, roasted broccoli, and apple kale salad. Plus a giant bowl of canned pears, because I still need at least one throwback to my old-school lunches.

Seriously people, this is the most delicious $4 lunch in town. I love that kids in high-poverty schools are getting access to whole, nutritious, and super tasty food. And I don't have to pack a lunch anymore, and Perry knows that I'll eat vegetables for at least one meal each day. I'm super pumped for tomorrow; it's carnitas day!

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