Monday, February 13, 2017

Next bathroom project!

We have a couple projects going on at once right now. Like, unpacking our own house and getting settled in. And also getting our new project house ready to rent. Before we close on the next project house at the end of February. It's slightly insane, but this is how we roll, Northside style! I read somewhere that the average American spends 5 hours a day watching TV. Since I don't have a TV (or internet at home), I figure that frees up about 35 hours a week for me to get stuff done. Minus about 10 hours a week for napping, of course, so I guess I only have about 25 hours left for projects.

Anyway, here's one of the projects of the moment! We bought a charming bungalow that has been well-loved for years, but hasn't had much put in to it for a few decades. The house was owned from the 1940s until the 1990s by the Thompsons, and Mrs. Thompson had a lot done to the house, which is why it sometimes feels like a 1940s/50s time capsule. In some ways, that's delightful. In others, the time capsule is a little worse for the wear. Like this basement bathroom. It is technically a 2-bathroom house, but I don't know how clean you could feel after showering here....
And that's some pretty dingy wallboard. And those floors! Filthy, stained concrete.

And I forgot to take a picture while the tiny vanity was there, but here's where that went. You can fill in the details with your imagination; it wasn't great. What's that odd plumbing going on, you ask?

 That's some MacGyver level improvising! There are no shut-off valves down there, but I needed to take out the vanity to paint and replace the flooring. So, naturally we just re-installed the faucet so we could turn the water back on in the house. You could also buy caps to put on the pipes coming out of the wall, but that would be too easy. And would also require you to buy the right size. Or realize that you bought the wrong size before the store closed. Yep, that's why we are getting so good at making do!

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