Saturday, June 27, 2015


After the great goldfish disaster of 2015, we decided to scale back our ambitions and only try to keep a half dozen goldfish alive. That has seemed like a much better plan; instead of mass die-offs, we've had about one die per month, so we're down to four. But they seem happy enough. It's hard to get a picture of four goldfish swimming in a giant black tank in a basement. This is the best I could get:

So just imagine these guys. Times two. But much happier with their lives because they've got 150 gallons of water to hang out in.
Also, it looks like the Cambrian Explosion in the grow beds. If the Cambrian Explosion had been limited to kale and kohlrabi. Check it out!

Maybe some day we'll get something else to grow, but for now these two vegetables seem pretty content with the setup.

Next step: edible fish!

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