Sunday, June 28, 2015

Not a slumlord!

The rental house needs a bit of love; the guy who used to own it thought he'd flip it for a quarter of a million dollars....and then the market crashed and it was suddenly worth an awful lot less than that. So, he stopped fixing and upgrading things about 8 years ago.

In swoops a girl with a South Dakota work ethic (and also, a need to pass a rental inspection to keep the license). The driveway project was the most fun thing we had to get done; everyone loves playing with construction tools.

Less fun? Dealing with this floor:
 Peel and stick floor tiles. Sometimes they loose their stick. And the parts that don't, stay very very sticky. It was a pretty riveting 4-hour process to peel up each individual tile with a putty knife.
And then, after 4 hours of peeling, and an hour or so of sticking new tiles down, I was feeling pretty good about the whole process. I'm so totally not a slumlord! Look at me taking care of my property! New driveway, new smoke detectors, new flooring! And then, as I neared the end of the process, I realized something. I'd made a math error. And was going to be exactly 1 tile short. And it was 9:45, and Home Depot closes at 10:00 and is a 15 minute drive away. And all the furniture from this room was outside on the deck.
So, slumlord solution: stick a piece of linoleum from the basement in the open spot. See, I fixed it! I went back a week later with the correct tile and the determination to fix it and not be slummy. But this corner was covered with furniture, so the linoleum will stay.....

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