Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I've been told that there are people who buy purses that cost hundreds of dollars. Or shoes. Or bottles of wine. I don't think I know very many of those people.

This girl pines for a very different sort of item. My current drool-worthy obsession?

Just look at that thing! I mean, I have a chop saw already. I got it off a garage sale website for $20, and it totally chops things, as long as those things are 6 inches or less. And I am grateful for the many boards it has cut for me.
I was putting up vinyl bead board in the bathroom (doesn't it look better already?), and each piece is 7.5 inches wide, so I had to cut it from one side, flip it over, and cut the rest. Argh. First world rage at the inefficiency!

Maybe for Christmas. Laura got an orange and a tin cup one year, and it was the best Christmas ever. I got an impact driver last year, and that was awesome. But a girl can always dream!