Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Holy transformation, batman!

 So, I freaking love this machine. The impact on these floors is amazing. They went from horrible beyond reason to merely slightly mangled. Which is a pretty big leap.
Amazing what some 32-grit sandpaper can do. Also, the Home Depot guy was right; this is not the easiest machine to run. I did my absolute best to keep it moving constantly, but I still did this a few times:
 Ouch. Nobody show this to Uncle Vic; he'd shake his head at me, and deservedly so. But, the floors are so much better than they were!

I put down a coat of dark walnut stain, the theory being that the water stains would blend in better if the floors were darker. That kind of worked. And the dark stain really made my sanding errors stand out. Definitely don't tell Vic; he could have told me that.

The end result?
 Much better.
Much, much better.