Friday, July 7, 2017

New member of the flock!

So, we've been having a good summer with the chickens; they're such friendly, sweet little birds.
 And then we learned their true colors when we introduced a new member to the flock. Penelope (also known as Ducktor Who) is a rescue duck. Our neighbor found her wandering around the parkway in January, in rough shape with her feet all frostbitten. Penelope is not a fan of being manhandled, so Trina had to run around in the snow for a good 10 minutes to catch her, but she eventually got her home and nursed her back to health in her basement.

But ducks are not meant to be basement dwellers, so she asked us if we'd add her to the backyard farm. It seemed like a good idea; the chickens could use some new friends.
 But I forgot to ask the chickens how they feel about new friends. Turns out, our sweet, friendly ladies are actually just mean girls. Like, the meanest, most exclusive clique of 8th grade girls you can imagine.
 They will not let you sit at their lunch table, even if there's an open seat.
 And heaven forbid you make a move for one of their snacks.
They've settled into an uneasy truce; Penelope hangs out by herself, swimming in her little pool or waddling around the yard. The girls just ignore her, which is better than chasing her around I guess. But my illusions about friendly chickens have been shattered.

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