Monday, November 13, 2017

Back to the first house

This house.  The first step towards creating a Northside empire. I bought it 3 years ago, with people already living in it, which made me feel like a feudal lord, buying a property and acquiring a family. It also made me feel like a slumlord, because the previous owner hadn't been doing any work on it, and it had been sliding/crashing into disrepair. I suspect the previous owner hadn't always done a great job keeping an eye on the prior tenants; the current occupants told me that they found no fewer than 3 digital scales in the kitchen when they moved in. I have been keeping a much closer eye on the place; I live literally next door. My kitchen window looks in on their kitchen (and vice versa, of course: I got curtains right away).

But now, they are moving out, and we are finally doing some much-needed work. We're starting on the second floor and working our way down; literally every surface needs attention

This wall is look really special.....

These poor floors

Every bedroom was a different color; this one makes me think of Easter grass.


Duct tape holding the window sash together

It's almost like modern art

Those floors, though

Starting to cover the filth and neglect with paint
It's going to be a process, but it's already feeling better inside! I get so much satisfaction from taking a sad, underappreciated house and giving it the love and attention it needs to look good again. And then someone will move in and feel comfortable and cozy living in their well-cared-for house.


  1. you should have your own hgtv show!!

    1. 95% of the work we do is super boring to watch.... So they'd have to edit it down to the 10 minutes of excitement every week!