Saturday, September 5, 2015

Three houses!!!!!

Our not-a-slumlord plan was going so smoothly that we decided to add to the collection of non-slums! This one, however, is going to take a little bit of work to arrive at our standards. Take a look at house number three:
It's a charming little cottage on 1.5 lots in the Victory neighborhood, which is the fanciest part of North. It's a block from the fancy restaurant Victory 44, as well as Emily's diner, which is my favorite greasy spoon on the North side.

And then you get to the front door, and you see this.
The front door is currently secured by only a padlock, because it was kicked in at some point in the past few months.
Ouch. This poor little house has been treated very poorly for a while. It kills me to see a cute little house so beaten down. So, naturally, I decided I had to have it!

And then I told my husband that we had to have it. He agreed, sight unseen. And then he got to go inside two days before closing. And his first thought was to question my sanity. Which is what I thought it might be. But he trusts the vision (or is starting to become the same kind of crazy I am), so we went ahead and got it.
It needs a little work. Or maybe a lot of work.

And every time we look a little closer, we're amazed at the shoddy work that has been done in this house. Don't worry, cute little house. We'll do it better! It would be impossible to do worse.

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